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6 Traditional Challenges Witnessed by an International Student

VXL Migration & Education | March 8, 2021

More than 6 lakh students were seen moving to Australia for their education in 2015 and the number is not stopping anywhere. Due to the Australian education-quality, mesmerizing landscapes, enticing natural greenery, it is considered to be one of the best study destinations for international students. Despite so many positives, students still face so many challenges while study in Australia.

Is there any solution to overcome these challenges?Not completely. But, a student visa agent in Adelaide may help you in one way or another. Our migration agents at VXL migration can take care of the probable challenges that you may face in Australia- housing, job, accommodation, university, tuition, travel, and more.

Let us first go through the challenges that await you in Australia.

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The Top Challenges Faced by International Students In Australia

Our student visa agent in Adelaide efficaciously try to rectify the problems that are enlisted down below. Let’s review them one after another in a little brief.

English Language Barriers-

You might be a fluent English speaker but it may be difficult for you to easily grab the accent and dialect of the native Australians. The dialect may vary from one Australian state to another. It is advised to socialise as much as possible to adapt to the Australian dialect. Also, communicating with your schoolmates in English can be the best option for you.

Visa Issues-

You apply for an Australian visa, you study in Australia, but is this it? What if your visa expires? You still have to remain in Australia avoiding all these problems. It is recommended to abide by the laws of student visa maintenance. Besides, if you consider to switch to a new course and getting enrolled in a new course, do inform your education counsellor to procure the best suitable advice.


Needless to say, leaving your family& friends behind can leave you in unbearable pain. It may seem quite hard in your initial days. To help yourself, start sharing feelings with your mates in schools or universities. This will help in alleviating your burden on the heart & mind. You can also look forward to an education counsellor to assist you in all that you’re dealing with.

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Financing Problems-

This is one of the biggest problems faced by a student abroad(be it any country). Financial pressure can leave you with sleepless nights. Before even thinking about migration to Australia, make sure to crosscheck your financial capabilities. If you don’t find any financial assistance provider in Australia, you will be under the obligation of paying your tuition fees all alone.

Cultural Obligations-

Australia is a multi diversity country. It ties together people belonging to various cultural ethnicities. As an outsider, it may seem quite difficult for you to adjust to an unknown cultural and social fabric. To overcome such a situation, it is advisable to keep yourself open to any kind of change that is waiting for you. Don’t hesitate to adapt to the cultural differences, you will subsequently learn to blend yourself in the Australian cultural pool.

Genuine Temporary Entrant(GTE)-

The GTE statement is the one that defines your study purpose, duration of course, why enrol in a particular course, your genuine intentions to enter Australia, description of your family finances, and other relevant information. All these details are acutely monitored by the Immigration Officer, don’t even think of cheating them with ambiguous answers. This might lead to your visa application denial.

VXL Migration As Your Education Consultant Adelaide!

We understand how painful it is for you to move to another country leaving your home country behind. To make your life a little sorted, our Migration Consultant in Adelaide try to assist you in every type of problem that awaits you in Australia. The blend of exceptional knowledge & paramount experience makes our migration agents capable enough to conquer all that comes in your way.

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