How to Apply for a Student Visa with a Conditional Offer Letter

How to Apply for a Student Visa with a Conditional Offer Letter?

VXL Migration & Education | June 24, 2021

Australian Universities are considered as the most prestigious & rewarding universities following the USA(United States of America) and the UK(United Kingdom). However, there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled to apply for an Australian University. You have to understand that following your application in the university, you will then have to acquire an offer letter from the university you are applying for. 

For those who don’t know, there are two main types of offers that an Australian University can provide- conditional and unconditional letters. Both the letters are quite different from each other but lead to student visas only. At VXL Migration, you will find student visa agents in Adelaide who are seasoned with all the ins-outs of both the offer letters. Let us move further in the section to understand more of both the letters in a little brief. 

What is a Conditional Offer Letter?

As the name suggests, a conditional offer letter comes into play with a set of conditions. When a university offers you a conditional letter, you will have to stand out on certain criteria when it comes to marks and academic requirements. A conditional letter is also popularly known as ‘restrictive offer letter’. A conditional letter comes in front when a student is not able to provide the necessary documents to the committee in charge of admission in the university. In such a scenario, the study committee confirms a student only if they can complete all their formalities within 2-3 months time frame. 

It is quite obvious that a university already has crystal-clear guidelines & pre-conditions for students who get enrolled in any type of education programme. With a university’s offer letter, you will get admission; conditions required that you will fulfil the academic qualifications of the university. The conditions may be as:


  • IELTS/TOFEL/GRE Score- If a student submits his/her application without a English Language Proficiency test score. Almost every Australian University has their own set of marks required to get admission in a particular course. You will be given an unconditional offer letter if you meet this particular criteria. 


  • Academic Percentage Of More Than 70 Percent- This can happen when you haven’t had your results declared yet but you are applying for an undergraduate university’s course. In this scenario, you will have to send them the proof of your achievement. If you can do that, your offer letter will be shifted from a conditional to an unconditional one. 


Talking of a conditional letter, let us now also have a look at the definition of an unconditional offer letter. 

What is an Unconditional Offer Letter?

An unconditional letter doesn’t have any condition and is a final acceptance letter for the student from the university. It clearly portrays that the university has accepted the student with the arms open since they have met all the requirements of the university. An unconditional offer letter may vary from university to university. As an important condition, some universities will have to submit certain medical documents after you have received the offer letter from the university authorities. 

One important point to cover here is that you will have to make a small confirmation payment to the university authorities once you have got your offer letter. The fee won’t be counted as the tuition fee and the payment should be made via wire transfers and credit cards. 

How does VXL Migration work as your student visa agent in Adelaide

Study Visa Agents at VXL Migration can help you obtain a visa to study abroad. Sometimes the visa process might be delayed if there are conditions that must be met before one leaves India. Therefore, it is better to get a specialist in study visa consulting who can handle all aspects of a conditional deal.

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