Apply Online For an Australian Visa

What is the Procedure to Apply Online For an Australian Visa?

VXL Migration & Education | July 14, 2021

The world is developing to an extent that you can travel to any part across the globe by submitting one only online application. One such country is Australia that requires an online procedure to be followed to get there. Having said that, the complexity of an Australian visa application doesn’t vanish but becomes a bit easier.

Our migration agent in Adelaide and advice consultants at VXL Migration are expert enough to guide a way through your visa application. Be it an application for any visa, they are true immigration maestros, starting from your first visit to your online application to your flight landing in Australia. Start reviewing this particular piece of writing to get into the depth of the process.

What is the Step-by-Step Procedure To Apply Online for an Australian Visa?

An online application holds a well-crafted series of steps that need to be followed for a fruitful outcome. The steps are:

  1. Create Your ImmiAccount- You have the provision to create two types of Immi accounts. These are:
  • Individual account- You can create this account if you are an individual applicant, a family member in absence of the applicant, or a friend that is helping with the application.
  • Organisation account- You can create this type of account if you are from an organisation, a registered migration agent, or belonging to a sponsor family.

2. Access Your ImmiAccount- An access to immiaccount can help you to fetch out some really important chunks of information. You need to add your credentials to log into the account. In case you forget the username or password of your account, you can ask your Organisation Account Administrator(OAA) before you contact our migration agent in Adelaide at VXL Migration.

3. Manage Your ImmiAccount- You can manage your immiaccount by changing your password, alter secret questions & answers, and have an option to change your email address too.

4. Manage Accounts in Your Organisation- The Organisation Account Administrator(OAA) allows you to lend a helping hand to other customers who are having a problem accessing their account. With the OAA access, you can:

  • Get access for new users.
  • Invite your staff to the creation of a new account.
  • Provision of resetting passwords
  • To suspends accounts not in use
  • And, to remove accounts from your organisation.

Along with all this, you can also have the authority to approve an access request, invite users, and manage users as well.

5. Initiate & Manage Your Application- Make sure to get and understand the complete details of your visa before starting with your online application.

An immiaccount allows you to:

  • Begin with a new application.
  • Continue with a saved application.
  • Import an application from immiaccount.
  • Sharing of application with other accounts.
  • Send an incomplete application to other accounts.
  • And, to also remove an application from Immiaccount at any time.

6. Attachment of Documents to an Application– The documents that need to be attached depends upon your visa application. Looking upon your visa application will guide you about:

  • What documents need to be attached.
  • Whether attaching documents needs to be done before or after your application submission.

7. Things to do After You Have Applied- Once you have submitted your visa application, you can use Immiaccount to:

  • Check messages from the organisation.
  • Inform the authorities about any mistake you made in your application.
  • Give more information to the authorities regarding your visa application.
  • Update your details.
  • Tell the authorities if anyhow your situation has changed(example-divorce, birth, marriage, and others).
  • Check your application status online through your Immiaccount.
  • Withdraw your visa application before the authorities make any decision on the application.

Get Helpful Migration Advice by VXL Migration

Our Migration agent in Adelaide cares about you and your dreams as if the application is our own. This is the only reason that we cut down the cookie-cutter approach with helpful migration advice. Our experienced and personalized migration agent services allow you to complete the visa application online in a record-breaking time, precision, and accuracy. The only ultimate aim is to sail you through the bumpy visa application journey stress-free.

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