Be Mindful Of The Things Before Moving to Study in Australia

Be Mindful Of The Things Before Moving to Study in Australia

VXL Migration & Education | May 28, 2021

You might have heard of endearing creatures, engrossing beaches, enlightening diversity, and a splendid lifestyle, if you’re planning to study in Australia. This array of offerings can excite you to a new level, but there’s a lot more you need to know. Moving to a new country is a whole new feeling and it can leave you in a perplexing situation.

What’s better is to stay mentally prepared beforehand to avoid any situation that can baffle you under any circumstances. Though many things can be learned only after you reach there, enlisted-below is a compilation of a few things that are of crucial significance to train you for a whole new environment down under.


Things to Focus on While Planning to Immigrate Australia!

There are plenty of things to fixate on while you are all settled to move and study in Australia. Have a look at them.

  1. Student Visa- This is quite obvious that you will need a visa when travelling to a new country. For Australia, you will need an Australian Student Visa(Subclass 500) which will enable you to full-time study in Australia & is valid until your duration of the course. For the grant of this visa, you will have to be enrolled in a full-time course in an Australian University or an Australian Institution.
  2. Health Insurance Requirements- If you’re not a resident from the country that covers the health insurance of its citizens, you will have to take Overseas Student Health Cover(OSHC) till the time you’re in Australia. This is important on a student visa, as it will cover any hospital or urgent expenses such as accidents or any major injury while you are in Australia.
  3. Australia is Expensive- Not many people are aware of the fact that Australia is quite expensive in comparison to any other well-established economy. To live there, you have to show the Australian Authorities that you can bear a minimum living cost of $19,830 annually. It’s preferable to calculate the estimated amount beforehand(living and study costs). However, the actual amount may exceed the amount you calculated.
  4. Australian Transport System- Trains, buses, ferries, and trams are the most prominent modes of transport in Australia. This is a lesser-known fact that the Australian government provides concessions on some or all of these modes of transport for students. Moreover, the Australian Government has different driving laws such as you have to drive on the left-hand side of the road in Australia, better keep up with them.
  5. A Whole New Grading System- Australian grade system is entirely different if seen in comparison to most other countries. Unlike many countries, Australia gives HD(High Distinction) in place of grade A or A+ for securing the highest marks. Stay cautious about the effect Australian grades will put on your overall performance & future career prospects once you return to your home country after your course completion.
  6. An Overturned Australian Season- Many would know that Australia’s season is upside-down to what countries from the Northern Hemisphere experience. Simply put, get ready to witness summers if you are leaving your native country in winters & vice-versa. Besides, be mentally prepared to undergo jet lag experience as Australia administers a completely different time-zone.
  7. Get ready for new Australian flavours- It is not easy to quit the taste you have been savouring all your life. Australia is not only about multicultural diversity but it also serves varieties of food, depending on the region where you’ll be residing. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that Australia is a shelter for big foodies who love to cherish new recipes everywhere they go.
  8. Australia’s enriched diversity- Australia is a country that boasts people from different corners of the world; around 25 per cent of their total population. It is quite large in size but doesn’t have that much population. As a result, it is rich in cultural diversity and there are more than 200 languages that are spoken in the country. Despite so many languages, English still remains at the top amongst all others meaning you have to be proficient in English for studying in Australia.
  9. Australia is massive- Don’t underrate the huge size of Australia. Even on a student visa, you will crave to see different places on weekends & holidays. Australia is huge and you will need plenty of time to completely gaze down on its scenic beauty. You can either research yourself to find the best places or take help from your student visa agent in Adelaide.

In a Nutshell

Needless to say, just thinking of relocating to a new place can give you uncontrollable goosebumps. Thus, it’s advisable to stream down to learn the unusual scenarios of that particular country. Your study visa agent in Adelaide can help with it or you have to bear the burden yourself. As a consequence, you can protect yourself from the peculiar feeling of loneliness and receive more welcoming vibes after visiting Australia.