How To Know If You Are Hiring a Right Migration Agent

How To Know If You Are Hiring a Right Migration Agent?

VXL Migration & Education | April 6, 2021

Are you one of those looking to come to Australia to fulfil your dreams of working, studying, travelling, or settling there? If yes, you would probably require a migration agent Adelaide to help you with that. he/she can be the perfect choice to make your visa application a success. Since they are quite experienced in handling every type of visa application, you will have to seek assistance from them.

But, are you all aware of the fraudulent migration agents who are every time ready to attack your pocket? Your visa application must fall in the right basket. At VXL Migration we offer the skilful expertise of our expert migration agents who are at all times ready to serve you. Let us study more about the qualities you should look for in a migration agent Adelaide.

What Are the Qualities Of a Genuine Migration Agent?

Hire a genuine, loyal, and professional migration agent to save all your efforts from going in vain. Mentioned-below is some of the best qualities you must ensure before going to a migration agent Adelaide.

  1. An experienced migration agent- The more experienced a migration agent will be, the more are the chances of your visa approval. Though a migration agent doesn’t guarantee you success, their paramount experience can add a little to your overall application. With laws & migration rules constantly evolving in a country, it’s better to have a person always updated with the ever-changing immigration patterns. Never put your trust in the wrong person due to your budget constraints.
  2. A MARA registered agent-Lesser known to people, in Australia every agent should be MARA(Migration Agents Registration Authority) registered. It is an authority responsible to keep all the necessary checks on the migration agents. MARA registered agents are subject to follow a proper Code of Conduct, if they fail, you have the complete authority to prosecute them in front of the authorities.
  3. Look at the customer feedback- No one can confirm the credibility of a migration agent better than their previous client. Go to the company media pages, their website testimonials, or their Google reviews to check the success of the migration agent Adelaide. If not this, you can also go to the website of MARA to check the information of the migration consultancy you’re considering hiring.
  4. They shouldn’t ask for too much money- This is another important checkpoint to the road leading to a reliable migration agent. A certain amount of money should be leviable as your initial fees. If the migrant agent is asking for much, it should be a red signal for you to stop and reconsider your decision. It’s preferable to ask plenty of migration agents to see who is offering the best services within the stipulated budget.
  5. Ask them about their response times- A reliable migration agent is the one who doesn’t keep you waiting. Being a registered migration agent, he/she must be well-updated with the changes(about laws and regulations of the host country) happening that might have an impact on your visa application. Don’t go for a visa agent who is lagging far behind in their response times. Most of the visas take months to process so you must ensure that your visa is in the right hands.
  6. Look at their success rate- There is no meaning of hiring a migration agent Adelaide if there are minimal chances of getting your visa approved. Ask the migration agents about their success rate with the cases in the past. Even if they cannot guarantee you success, they can at least give you a slight hint while looking at past cases similar to yours. However, always go for a migration agent who has a good record of successful visa applications.

    VXL Migration As Your Migration Agent Adelaide!

We are a successful team of professionals who are always trying their best to serve people with the best migration services. Professionalism, loyalty, skills, and trust are some of our core principles that attract the attention of lots of customers. We are and we will continue to upgrade the quality of our services to let you acquire the best probable outcomes of your visa application.