Why Migrate to Australia

Reasons to Why Migrate to Australia

VXL Migration & Education | December 10, 2020

Australia often ranks first or top in various rankings in the world, such as the Human Development Index rankings, the richest, and most livable countries.

This makes Australia popular as most people want to Migrate to Australia.

Migrate to Australia

Migrating to Australia :

Fall in love with the feeling of freedom

Australia is one of the seven continents in the world, roughly equal to the sum of the territories of all countries in Southeast Asia. Australia has a population of 23 million.

It is an ideal tourist location throughout the year

The blue sky, bright sunshine and a pleasant climate. There has never been extreme temperature, so no matter when, Australia is an ideal place to travel. Whether it is skiing in the Alps Mountains in Australia from June to September or a beach holiday in Queensland at any time of the year, it is a great choice.

Pleasant climate

Australia has a mild winter climate. Australia, where the four seasons are mild and green throughout the year.

Wonderful programs come one after another throughout the year

No matter when you are visiting Australia, there must be a festival, celebration or special event taking place. These events include the annual Melbourne Cup horse race and the exciting Australian Formula One World Championship held in Melbourne, the spectacular Adelaide Festival, “Beer Can Boat Race” and the biennial Barossa Valley Wine Festival, gay parade, etc.

More economical travel expenses

As many major airlines provide multiple scheduled flights from major Asian cities to Australia, travelling to Australia is now more convenient and cheaper than before. Compared with some Asian cities, the cost of food, housing and transportation in Australia is also relatively reasonable. Australia offers a variety of different accommodations to meet various travel budgets and personal preferences.

All-Natural Scenery

Desert boulders, beautiful coastlines, to white sandy beaches, dazzling mountain scenery, to scenic river valleys, are listed in the world Heritage tropical forests, to snowfields.

Friendly people

Australians are very friendly. They love nature and know how to enjoy their free time. They are also very good at sports, as can be seen from their dominant position in world rugby, cricket and swimming competitions. In Australia, you can see free performances by street performers in large shopping malls, streets and railway platforms. You can also enjoy the folk dance party, a dance party celebrated by the local indigenous people.

Australia is a shopping paradise

Here you will find outdoor markets, department stores and designer clothing stores, and everything else that allows you to enjoy shopping. In addition, the process of finding and buying unique products is also very interesting.

Visa-free for 100 countries

There are more than 100 developed countries in visa-free countries for Australian citizens.

The visa-free countries and regions are as follows: Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and the Commonwealth countries are all visa-free, and most countries in Asia, Central and South America, Africa, and the Pacific are visa-free or visa-on-arrival.

Welfare system

The Australian social security system began in 1910 and is recognized worldwide as a pioneer in social welfare.

Pension: a 65-year-old male and a 60-year-old female. The amount depends on the relevant income and assets. All pensioners can get preferential medical drugs and other health care treatment. There are other concessions such as reduced transportation fees, local taxes, electricity and car registration fees, etc.

Unemployment Benefits: Australia’s assistance plan for the unemployed aims to ensure that those unemployed who are looking for a job will become educated and trained to improve their employment opportunities and receive sufficient income to support themselves and their families.

Free medical care

All local residents in Australia can enjoy a free treatment in public hospitals under the Australian National Health Insurance Plan. There are more than 1,100 hospitals in Australia, of which 65% are public hospitals. There are approximately 42,000 registered doctors and approximately 190,000 registered nurses. The federal government provides funding for a series of family and community health activities. At the same time, more than 230,000 middle-low income families need to raise children who are not independent.

Employment placement

Due to the steady growth of the Australian economy and strong labour market demand, Australia’s unemployment rate is very low. In addition, there are many private employment agencies that can provide employment services for professionals, and the fees are taken from your future employer.

Economic Rise

At present, Australia’s economy is in a period of rising, and its economic growth rate exceeds that of almost all developed countries. Australia’s economic structure fully meets the needs of the country’s economic development.

Easy to start a business

Australia is the easiest country in the world to start a business. It only takes two working days to complete all registration procedures. Australia has an efficient and modern intellectual property protection system, and its advanced level ranks first in the Asia-Pacific region. The transparency of Australian government policies ranks second in the Asia-Pacific, which allows companies to have clear predictability when formulating business plans.


All the above reasons make Australia a famous destination for Migrating to Australia. Most people choose to live in Australia and live a comfortable and carefree life. In VXL Migration, We have a team of Registered Migration Agent in Adelaide who can make your migration journey much easier!