Vocational Courses in Australia

Vocational Courses in Australia: Know Everything About It!

VXL Migration & Education | February 27, 2021

Study in Australia is one of the most popular plans for international students who are looking for premium education and the right exposure. It offers the best education in many reputed Australian colleges and universities. Lesser-known to many, Australia is also a hub for students who wish to pursue vocational courses. It allows students to enter the workforce or proceed with higher education.

Vocational courses can be of significant importance for your career which VXL Migration can assist you with. Our education consultant Adelaide can effortlessly address all your concerns regarding vocational courses. Let us start reviewing every important aspect related to vocational courses in a little more detail.

What is the VET? 

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training that concentrates on providing work skills to people. It mainly helps people to:

  1. Enter into a workforce for the first time.
  2. Re-enter in the workforce after a break.
  3. Upgrade their skills in their respective fields.
  4. To shift to a new career.

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Who Offers Vocational Education and Training?

VET is fundamentally offered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). These organisations cover private colleges and TAFE (Technical and Further Education). Some universities also offer VET courses along with higher education courses. These organisations mainly:

  1. Offers courses developed with industries.
  2. Provides quality training to the people.
  3. Issues a nationally acknowledged qualification. 

RTOs who aim to provide vocational courses must also register with the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). This registration will authorize the Government to supervise the education quality being offered to the international students in Australia.

VET: Courses and Qualifications

Several qualifications are provided by VET. These are:

  • Certificate I to IV-

    These courses range from six months to two years in length. These courses specialize in providing introductory skills and training. They guide industry-specific knowledge and skills in communication, literacy, numeracy, and teamwork.

  • Diploma-

Diplomas range between one-two years. It prepares students for industry, enterprise, and paraprofessional careers.

  • Advanced Diploma-

Advanced diploma provides first-class practical skills for advanced and paraprofessional careers in the field of building design, accounting, and engineering. Advanced diplomas can be completed within 2 years of study and some of them can be completed at the university level only.

  • Vocational Graduate Diploma/Certificate-

These courses impart high-level employment-related expertise & knowledge as they are just equivalent to higher education graduate certificate and diploma. The graduate diploma typically takes a maximum of 2 years to study whereas a graduate certificate requires a maximum of 1 year.

  • English Language Courses-

Ranging between 4- 48 weeks, VET providers also offer various English Language courses.

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Why is Vocational Training Important For Career Development?

Not only Australia but almost every country is moving towards more VET courses. They are falling on an equal platter with other university courses. Many surveys have indicated an alarming rise in students realizing the potential of VET courses. These courses are important to train students for getting into high-skilled & high-paid jobs.

Besides, these courses are extremely important for developing economies. According to a survey conducted by the National Centre For Vocational Education Research in Australia, more than 30 % of the population believes in the need for VET courses to fulfil their career objectives. The main reasons for adopting VET courses are:

      1. Students can get the necessary licensing requirements.
      2. Job candidates can learn the necessary skills.
      3. Employers can fill specific job profiles in their respective workplaces.

How Can VXL Migration & Education Consultants Assist you with Vocational Courses?

Our migration Agent Adelaide at VXL Migration are skilful enough in dealing with applications relating to vocational courses. As an international student, choosing the right course is critically important as it’s not only the money but also time that you can’t get back if you get yourself enrolled in a course that won’t fulfil your long-term career objectives. Our education consultant Adelaide can fluently handle everything from fee structure, organisations or universities, to the final visa application.

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